Ok kids, here we go….
The show started off with an encore performance of a Cha cha from Team Chelsea.  This time they looked more relaxed since they are not dancing for scores but just for the fun of it.
This week’s first guest performer was my girl, Nicki Manaj!  The dancers performed a mix of comtempory style with latin and a dash of hip hop. I loved it and now I have some ideas for my students.
Next highlighted, was a new ballet protege, Patricia Zhou.  Her story was amazing since she started ballet at the age of 13.  And in 4 years she has blossomed into a world class dancer, which is never heard of.  I like the fact that her story could inspire many people to do something that they want to do and can start living their dream no matter how old they are.

late bloomer? Me thinks not.

Tuesday would have been the 78th birthday of the ledgendary James Brown, and to honor him, Wayne Brady sang an amazing medley of his songs.  And his dancers were filled with the spirit of the late singer with high energy moves and quick transitions.

The last performer for the night was James Blunt with a new song that is sure to have you bopping in your seat as you drive to work.
As for the main reason you are reading this blog, here are the results.  As Kirstie was saved for the week, my jaw dropped!  She was a mess last night!  But America some how wanted her in for another week.  That means it was either Chelsie or Kendra, and even before her name was called, I knew who we were saying goodbye to.  Yes America, Kendra went home.  But ironicly, this was her best week!!!  Grrrrrrr……  She was, what Len called, “a late bloomer”, but now I’m bummed to miss out on what could of been for her.  But on the flip side, we got to witness the transformation of her and hopefully change some minds on how people view her.  I have always been a fan.  Go Kendra!  Go Kendra!
Next week the stars will have to dance 2 full solo routines (no hiding in a formation) as well as the “Instint Dance” in which they have only 30 minutes to find out what music they will be dancing to. Once again, I see a meltdown in the future with a splash of a temper tamtrum.  Who do I speak of?  Read next week to find out or leave your guesses in the comments section!
Diva Christina