N…K…O…T…B…S…B, how giddy am I right now?  Loved the opening number and who is going to get me front row to their concert in San Jose? Anyone? Anyone?  Their second number, BSB, sounded like they had a little sound tech problem, but NKOTB came in and made up for it!  BTW, what a surprise to have Donnie and Joey (“OG” DWTS season 1) bust out their Latin moves with the pros!
Well, for the rest of the show.  Macy’s Stars of Dance has really stepped it up this year and this night was by far THE BEST.  As you all know by now, I’m a sucker for love and a hopeless romantic.  The sweet story of the stages of love told though dance just moved me to tears. It’s amazing how Christopher Scott put this piece together, well done!
Now down to the nitty griddy…
First off, I was completly shocked that Kendra was still in the game and the two left standing were Chris and Ralph!  And the results?  Huge WTH moment.  America, so disappionted with your lack of support for the one person that I called to be the Dark Horse.  Booooo!!!!!  Hissssss!!!  Well, next week is where we seperate the strong from the weak and I see a major meltdown or two when the stars have to do 2 different dances.  In the end the stars that will be wiping tears, Kendra and Kirstie.  Ok kids, time for everyone to eat their Wheaties and suck it up, it’s not going a crazy week.  Can’t wait to see what happens!