Let me be the first to say that both Cari and I are very excited to start a great project like this that helps the students understand more about the studio and our crazy ways.  San Jose Arthur Murray- The Blog is the first Blog ever for the San Jose Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

The articles herein will highlight all past, current and upcoming events for the studio.  It will also give you some insight to taking lessons in the school as well as educate you on our prestigious system.

Anything and everything that has to do with Arthur Murray Dancing, is all here.  From learning how to pick the right dance shoes, to learning more about the visiting consultants you’re working with.  We’ve even included a section where our staff (your teachers) get to give their own opinion on some great topics that they enjoy.

We’re always striving to make your experience the best Arthur Murray experience every time you’re here and we thought that this would be another way to do it.

And please anytime you feel the need to chat, or would like to help us improve our services, our doors are always open.

Well, we all hope that you are as excited about this as we are.

Let the Games begin!