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Diva’s Dish On Who Made It To The Finals

Ralph & Karina: ARGENTINE TANGO score 25

So America saved him to danced this week, let’s hope he can pull it off.  I liked this routine.  The begining was great on setting up the story with them starting apart, but mirroring each other.  Then chasing one another around the street lamp and finally into each other’s arm.  Ralph did a good, but not great job.  I think it was his facials for me, it was too focus vs. changing from stern to passionate through out the solo.
Second Dance: SALSA score 23
Oh good Lord! Let me start off by saying I have never, ever liked any Salsa routines on the show. They never seem to get it right.  I feel the professionals try to combine Samba, Cha cha and Mambo, cross their fingers and hope that it comes off as a Salsa.  Big two thumbs down for the routine and those horrible padded butt that made him look chubby.  Just because you have a bigger butt, does not mean you could move your hips better.  Bottom line: Hot Mess!!!
Hines & Kym: FOXTROT score 30 
First off, watching that clip of poor Kym falling on her neck gave me the biggest chill up my spine (no punt intended). Of course, the first thing a teacher worries about is the time lost and getting their student prepared for the show and on the flip side, Hines could care less about the show and was more worried about the health of his teacher. I’m surprised she can even walk right now, let alone dance! And what a dance it was!  Watching her first move of the routine and all the tricks, you would have never believe her injury was last Friday. The set up at the beginning drew you into the feel of the tango and was non-stop till the end. Everything was exicuted clean and sharp and I was left wanting more. Now I know that reality TV loves a good drama story to make you feel sorry for a star, but even if I had no clue of her injury, I feel the score was right on.
Second Dance: SALSA score 30
FINALLY, a Salsa I liked!!! Wait for it…..I’m going out on a limb and change my mind to love. It made me smile and feel I was in the middle of a club or on the streets of Cuba. He had my heart on his first rock step and danced with such an ease and swagger.  And yes, I am going to steal the move Kym did with his suspenders. A couple of my students comes to mind, all will be reveled at Area Solo Showcase…

Chelsea & Mark: ARGENTINE TANGO score 28
This girl could not fully extend her legs to save her life! This really bothered me to see all her flicks, kicks and reaches cut short and have no energy or follow through.  With her beautiful long legs, she had no excuses! If she would have done that one technique I would have gave her a 10 for sure. And I can not believe that Carrie Ann was on point with her feedback.
Second Dance: RUMBA score 30
Hmm, I still have no clue why she wears a practice sandal for her performance. Why do I make should a big deal about it? One, you have a goregous dress with 10,000 Saworski rhinestones, wear the proper shoes. It’s like wearing Valentino with flip flops, you just wouldn’t do it. Two, it shows to the judges that your feet/ankles are not strong enough to wear heels. Heck, if Kirstie Alley can wear the shoes, who is twice your size and age, then suck it up and put on those heels! I like this dance for her and this was the most balanced performance from her! Go girl!
Kirstie & Maksim: VIENESSE WALTZ score 27
One of her best smooth dances of the seasons, but her posture seemed to stop at her neck. Because she looks down alot with her eyes, it makes it seems her whole head is tilted downward. Some of her transitions were a little choppy and Maks did a good job using hesitations to buy some time for her to catch her breath.
Second Dance: PASO DOBLE score 27
Not bad, almost a, “you go girl!” Very simple but she was able to show a strong character that fits this style perfectly.  I would like to see her body create her shaping and arm styling for fuller movement.
Winner takes all Cha cha
Round 1: Hines vs. Ralph- Sorry Ralph, Hines has way too much swagger on you. Even though he needs more turn out when doing any first position breaks, he rocked it. I do have to say Ralph had some cool syncopated moves. WINNER-Hines
Round 2: Kristie vs. Chelsea-OK, now Chelsea wears her heels! She how much better and sexier her legs look! I just hated that she lip sync while dancing, which drove me nuts. I felt Kirstie just has a natural look and feel for this dance. I completly disagree with the judges choice. WINNER-Chelsea
Final Round: Hines did great like before and kept it cool. Chelsea once again lip sync her song, which now has really annoyed me to the point of throwing my shoe at the TV (which I can’t due to what would be a very upset husband). Plus, she totally missed a side by side kick, almost fell on her lunge and Mark losing his balance on the ending pose.
The winner of the bonus 15 points? Chelsea……boooooooo!!! No way, I would have gave it to Hines.
So who are my picks for going home? America, don’t boo or hiss at me, but I think Ralph is out of here.  Even though Ralph has been my favorite from the start, but I just see a gap of talent now from him and the other stars. See you in 24 hours with my thoughts about the results.
This is it kids, who has made it to finals? This is the break down of last night.
Like I thought, Hines is safe and the first one to know for sure he will be dancing a freestyle routine next week.
The guest performer for the night was the one and only Stevie Nicks with her new single. Then came back with a classic “Landslide” danced by Cheryl and Tony.
Also, Pitbull, Ne-yo and Nia  took us to the clubs of Miami with a hot dance song along with a group of hot Latinas providing even hotter moves!
Next to make it into the finals Chelsea, but no shock there.  With her extra 15 point victory, did you really think she wasn’t a shoe in for the finals?
Macy’s Stars of Dance, young 13 year old Tayla Kelley was such an inspiration. She got a chance of a life time to dance with the fabulous Chelsie and Lacey in a cute jazz trio.
And as I called it last night, it was Ralph’s time to go. With his injury last week, I believed it really held him back from making that leap to get ahead of the pack. So even though Kirstie is in, I still hope Hines takes it all.  As always, the freestyle has been the clear sign on who will walk away with the mirror throphy.

DWTS Week 8- Diva’s Dish on Dancing and Results

Instant Dance is back! Now the stars get a taste of what us professional go through during a normal competition. You put together a mini routine that could be danced to any song and when the time comes, you just go out there and rock it, even if you hate the song that is playing!
Romeo & Chelsie: TANGO score 27
OK, welcome back to the competition Romeo! I really really liked it, great look and feel. Totally nailed the Tango and I’m going out there and saying the best routine for him the whole season! Much improvement in his frame and topline.  I actually wished I was Chelsie dancing out there with the costume, partner and music. AND, I felt their score should of been higher!
Instant Dance: SALSA score 25
Ummm, well…..I agree with Carrie Ann, it felt off to me and not at all very Salsa like.  Half those moves would never be danced at a real Salsa club, so I did not care for it. If you told me it was a Mambo, then it would have been more believable.
Ralph & Karina: VIENNESE WALTZ score 25
Knowing that you are working with an injury is the most stressful and annoying issue to deal with. There is always the question that replays again and again in your mind, “Do I suck it up and move forward, all for the chance of victory?” or “Should I just save myself and quit?”
Well, I thought that he totally pulled it off with a dark and erie dance.  Yes, there were times that componets looked unpolished but for only working on that routine for 9 hours? Come on, much kudos to Ralph for dancing!
Instant Dance: Cha Cha score 21
And…….they have not even worked on the instant dance?!?! Karina looks calm for this challenge she is facing.  I know I would be a hot mess and freaking out of my mind, let alone trying to coach my student/star that everything would be alright. But smart of her to use elements from last week’s Cha Cha formation to make it work! Not bad overall, but compared to the others, it would be the weakest of the night.  I give mad props to him for not giving up and pushing through it. Let’s see if America will keep him for the semi-finals next week. On another note, that song was a horrible Cha cha!!!
Hines & Kym: FOXTROT score 28 
Cheesy Foxtrot? Now you are speaking my language and I loved it! Foot work was a little messy, but he pulls off the attitude, the feel and story! Great musicality using syncopations when the music sped up and had a playful fun spirit!
Instant Dance: JIVE score 26
I would never have known that that routine was an instant dance. Kym did an amazing job within those 30 minutes putting all the accents and hits to match the music. The only thing that drove me crazy, and my students know this, was not pointing his feet on the flicks and kicks!  Grrrr, please point your feet! But Bruno, where did the 8 come from?
Now the ladies….

Chelsea & Mark: WALTZ score 29
Overall, not bad. I like the comtempory feel through the routine but feel there were moments of rough transitions mainly in her arms and feet. And since she was wearing practice sandals and not traditional smooth shoes, there should be not excuse for messy foot work and the judges still gave her two 10’s?!?! Really? I mean, for me to see that score, I need to be blown out of the water and want to rewind my DVR to see it again. But not in this case, good for Len for holding the standard!
Instant Dance: SALSA score 26
I completely understand what Chelsea is going through.  I too memorize all my routines by musical cues and certian words in the song. But when it came to the Salsa, I just felt all the shimmies looked very fake or like they tried too hard. In other words, total white girl and not very earthy or grounded.
Kirstie & Maksim: ARGETINE TANGO score 28
Just watching the clips of the practice sessions, I was just shaking my head and wondering if this girl is going to survive? Geez!!! Thank God she proved me wrong. What a come back to show America that when she is focused and pushed, amazing things that can happen! They had me on that lift as Maks walked down the stairs with her on his shoulders! Then the one where she was on his hip and they both spun around down the floor with a graceful dismount at the end. Then the last trick with her leg wrapped around his thigh as he did a slow and sexy lunge (I think making up for the one in the Rumba a few weeks back during the infamous drop/fall). At the very end, Kirstie posing away from him in a very “noir” movie ending.
Now here is a subject I’m going to spend some time on that many ladies will rarely speak about how they really feel, lifts! First, minus the lack of trust of your partner and knowledge on how to do anything with your feet off the ground, and you will still have that huge concern floating in your mind, “How is he going to lift my fat butt up in the air?” Many times we feel like we don’t deserve to do the moves all the pretty, young, skinny girls do…but there is a secret to it. It’s all about what works well for your body/partner and keeping it appropriate. Being a curvy girl myself, I also have the same feelings every time Juan wants me to do some sort of lift during a routine.  I give him the, “are you crazy” look, then he says, “just try it”. I usually fall once or twice like Kirstie, but then we make it work and I feel just as beautiful as the girls on TV. So it goes to show you that it’s all about how you carry yourself on the floor and I’m so proud of Kirstie for representing herself and other women like her that you can be sexy and sensual, even if your pant size is a double digit!
Instant Dance: SALSA score 25
It had a more true feel for what the Salsa is all about. Great use of fluid arm checks and face loops and she worked what her mama gave her, her hips! Yes, she lost footing during her open left boxes, but it was not the end of the world.

Dance turns lil' into Romeo.

The road to the Semi Finals always leaves one person out the door.  So let’s see what America had to say…

Hines and Kirstie are safe and relieved to continue in the competition.
The trio of brothers were the cutest thing ever, mixing in a little Cha Cha with their hip hop.
How much did I love the performance of Adel singing, “Rolling in the Deep”? The guest guys dancers were amazing but the girls were not in sync and looked a mess.
So Romeo and Ralph are in danger of going home while Chelsea is safe for next week. Mmmm, I really don’t know at this point what is going to happen. But it was said that Romeo will be denied dancing in the Semis. Now I’m a little sad that he had his strongest night last night and still could not hold a spot for next week.  But I’m surprised of what he said about his fear of dancing, even missing out of his own Prom and movie roles.  It goes to show how much a person can change or improve their life by dancing.  Even a young punk kid can transform his mind and body to a young man and view life with less fear now, all by gaining confidence through dance.
Well kids, 2 guys and 2 girls will duke it out to see who will make it to the finals. Usually I can easily call out who it will be every year, but everyone has something going for them. Kirstie with her body transformation, Ralph being America’s boy, Hines with his amazing showmanship and Chelsea with her cute Disney girl charm.
Until next time.
Ok kids, here we go….
The show started off with an encore performance of a Cha cha from Team Chelsea.  This time they looked more relaxed since they are not dancing for scores but just for the fun of it.
This week’s first guest performer was my girl, Nicki Manaj!  The dancers performed a mix of comtempory style with latin and a dash of hip hop. I loved it and now I have some ideas for my students.
Next highlighted, was a new ballet protege, Patricia Zhou.  Her story was amazing since she started ballet at the age of 13.  And in 4 years she has blossomed into a world class dancer, which is never heard of.  I like the fact that her story could inspire many people to do something that they want to do and can start living their dream no matter how old they are.

late bloomer? Me thinks not.

Tuesday would have been the 78th birthday of the ledgendary James Brown, and to honor him, Wayne Brady sang an amazing medley of his songs.  And his dancers were filled with the spirit of the late singer with high energy moves and quick transitions.

The last performer for the night was James Blunt with a new song that is sure to have you bopping in your seat as you drive to work.
As for the main reason you are reading this blog, here are the results.  As Kirstie was saved for the week, my jaw dropped!  She was a mess last night!  But America some how wanted her in for another week.  That means it was either Chelsie or Kendra, and even before her name was called, I knew who we were saying goodbye to.  Yes America, Kendra went home.  But ironicly, this was her best week!!!  Grrrrrrr……  She was, what Len called, “a late bloomer”, but now I’m bummed to miss out on what could of been for her.  But on the flip side, we got to witness the transformation of her and hopefully change some minds on how people view her.  I have always been a fan.  Go Kendra!  Go Kendra!
Next week the stars will have to dance 2 full solo routines (no hiding in a formation) as well as the “Instint Dance” in which they have only 30 minutes to find out what music they will be dancing to. Once again, I see a meltdown in the future with a splash of a temper tamtrum.  Who do I speak of?  Read next week to find out or leave your guesses in the comments section!
Diva Christina


Honoring the great in Ballroom Dancing this week with guest judge the one, the only, Donnie Burns! And with Luca Baricchi and Shirley Ballas coaching the stars, it’s going to get crazy!!!

The first team of Romeo, Ralph and Chelsie, danced to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. I mostly loved it with some rough spots due to lack of synconization. But very past paced and energized! They score a 30 for their Cha Cha formation.

Team Hines a.k.a “Shakin’ Your Butts Club” did a great job doing so. Dancing to a Ke$ha song, they did a good job bringing a club like energy to the floor. But they actauly tied with a 30 as well.

What an amazing surprise to have Yulia and Ricardo dance the fastest Jive I’ve ever seen!!! I’ve always loved her!!!
US and World Champions dancing a Tango was the %*&#!@ sickest thing I have ever seen! The stacatto action was beyond anything I ever knew and I had to rewind my DVR again and again and could not get enough of it!

Romeo & Chelsie: SAMBA score 29
I hated it, another hot mess. He was squating the whole time with his knees as if he was dancing a Tango. There was no bounce action and too much booty shakin’ could not cover the fact that he lacked all the skills to pull off this Samba.

Ralph & Karina: QUICKSTEP score 36
Super cute! Loved the story and speak easy theme. His footwork was surprising good for such a fast dance. Not much to say but he’ll be back next week.

Hines & Kym: TANGO score 36
All I can say is WOW! The best of the night for me. Some parts were a little too light on the feet during the run arounds and at times a little off balance, but all forgiveable.

Now the ladies….

Kendra & Louis: TANGO score 31
Luca was their coach for the Tango, and really like what he said, “A great dancer is not a dancer that doesn’t make mistakes. I make mistakes, Luis makes lots of mistakes when we dance, but we deal with them.” Well, I did not see any mistakes from this most improved dancer. And I give it up to her for surviving the pivot to promenade walks transitition which was super hard!

Chelsie & Mark: PASO DOBLE score 34
Loved her costume and the fact that the lace was a rhinestoned body suit…HOT!!! But the dance was Ok, nothing too special. And I hate it when Mark gets all bent out of shape and starts to, once again, name drop all the names of patterns. I’m soooo over him.

Kirstie & Maksim: JIVE score 30
I called it out America! I told you she was going to have a breakdown this week, ha! Now her dancing… freakin’ mess! The side by side work was like she just ran out of steam and barely was able to lift her feet off the ground which is a must in this dance. And when your teacher is Maks, you know he does not hold back.

Well for the most part, it was not a good week for anyone. I think Romeo and Kirstie will be under the red light to see who will go home. If were up to me, I’d say it would be Kirstie going home. I think her fame is not enough to overcome the abundance of bad dancing this week. Then again, America may give in to the weight loss goal empathy voting and allow her one more week for redemption before ultimately ousting her from her dreams of a mirror ball trophy. But, you never know.
See you in 24 hours with my thoughts about the results.