So I asked a good friend, and fellow blogger, of mine about what the deal is with all of this internet blogging stuff.  He proceeded with lots of analogies on how great it would be to have a blog and how exciting of a life I would lead.  Actually it was a 2 question answer:  “Do you have a blog”, “Yeah”, “Is it cool if I did one?”, “Yeah”.  That was enough to convince me.  And that was that. I started writing and the rest is history.

So recently I had a birthday and Cari decided to get me a Jack Lalane Power Juicer.  It was probably one of the best gifts that I ever got.  So great, that we decided to get every fruit and vegetable in the grocery store that night!  The next morning I awoke to the wonderful sound of fruit mincing their way into a frothy juice to be enjoyed by my taste buds.  The same day upon coming into the studio I told our staff how great the juicer was and how healthy it is for your body.  “You can just feel yourself getting healthier knowing that all the nutrients are going right into your system”, I said to Dustin.  You know what.  He got one the next day.

Showcase day rolled around and we talked about how much fun juicing was and there was a compadre, Ron Christy.  He jumped in without hesitation and told me how excited he was to juice as well.  “I hated drinking any juice from the store, but for some reason, I love the juice I make at home with Jack Lalane’s power juicer”–ting!  That was the sound his mouth made when he smiled really big.  It’s like all of a sudden we were part of a juicing club and I was one the spokesman because I couldn’t stop talking about it.

Then it hit me.  I was excited about a power juicer because of how much fun it was and healthy it was for me.  Out of the excitement and caring for others I shared my story in hopes that they would be happy and healthy like me.  I wanted to help my friends and share with them something that I loved so much.  If a power juicer does that to me, I wonder what dancing does for our students?

Telling a friend how much fun you’re having with your dancing is a wonderful idea to share something good with them.  In a world of bad news, why not share a light at the end of that workday tunnel and help them find something to look forward to.  Too many times do we try to hold things for ourselves and like when we have “our own thing” that nobody else can touch.  But in an effort to make it our own, we exclude or don’t think about the effects that dancing can have for others, especially our friends.  At Arthur Murray we always appreciate when our students let their friends know about what a good time dancing can bring.  In fact it’s the highest form of flattery for our teachers and studio to know that we did a great enough job that you wanted to share your new passion for dance with your friends and family.