So this week was focused on the star’s personal story and expressing it through dance.  Very hard to do, but for the most part, everyone did well. How can you really tear someone apart for their dancing when they dedicate it to a loved one that passed?  You would seem heartless and cold.  But here I am trying to “keep it real”.
Sugar Ray & Anna: PASO DOBLE score20
Fun!!! Every week he embodies the character of the dance and goes for it. From the music to costumes, was perfect for him.  His knees were a little too bent through out the routine, if they were to straighten it would have resulted in stronger lines and poses.  Posture has improved, but still not where it needs to be.
Chris & Cheryl: RUMBA score 21
They went for a “soulful rumba” and I loved it.  Yes there was alack of hip action and he mostly stayed in place as Cheryl ran around him, but his lines were strong and the use of his body was smooth and grounded.  When he finally moved, I was impressed with a very balanced Telemark.  Remember, dancing is not just how techincal you are but, infuse a balance of artistry.  It’s creating a feeling and having presence on the floor for others to enjoy and be “in the moment” with you.  And yes, I cried!!!  One of the best of the night for me.

Romeo & Chelsie: RUMBA score 20
Some transitions a little frantic, but kept in character of the dance.  Needs work on turning out the feet.  That will help in his balance from foot to foot.  Once again, his attitude gets in his way of really going far this season.  All guys give a little push back when having to wear Latin heels, but it’s all part of the tradition.  Just like wearing satin shorts for boxing or heavy bulky shoulder pads and skin tight pants for football, get the picture?
Ralph & Karina: RUMBA score 21
I was wondering what movie he was going to dance a song from.  “Stay Gold” from The Outsiders (which is an awesome movie! “Do it for Johnny“) Needs to develop stronger ankles when hitting lines and lunges by keeping his heel off the floor.  There is something just awkward about his arm & hand styling, hits his poses too sharp and shows how long his limbs really are. Hmmm, need to get back to you all on this one.
Hines & Kym: SAMBA score 25
Now come on, who doesn’t love a little Earth, Wind & Fire?  What a great way to celebrate mom!  It goes to show, no matter how old you are, having mom or dad watch you perform is an added pressure.  Forget about what the judges and coaches say, we always look to our parents to get that smile or head nod of approval.  So when Hines’s mom waved her yellow rag after his performance, major sign of approval! What a fun routine, I didn’t want it to stop!  He had me at Batucadas, which is my favorite move ever!!! Fabulous job with musicality and hitting all the perfect accents in the song. Watch for turn in feet on walking steps and need to use way more inside edge on the voltas. And the little stumble at the end before his pose is totally forgivable.
Now the ladies….
Kendra & Louis: RUMBA score 23
The smoke machine needed to go!  Hated that part, but once on the floor dancing, loved it! This is a great dance for her.  Leg and foot action was nice on the cross swivels and what a way to move and wiggle her whole body, very sexy!!!
Chelsea & Mark: CHA CHA score 23
In the clip when asked, “Can we please see both the audience and the judges?” Mark’s poutty answer was yes.  Why does he act as if it’s such the biggest challenge ever in life? It’s had been done numerous times on the show, Mario Lopez and Karina’s Paso Doble and Heilo’s and Julieanne’s Quickstep to name a few.  Chelsea’s Cha Cha was OK.  There was some moments of awkward leg action that done correctly could of result in the hip action Carrie Ann mentioned.
Petra & Dmitry: WALTZ score 25
Not to be a “Debbie Downer”, but a Waltz song is written in 3/4 timing.  It was more of a Theactical Foxtrot with a Waltz feeling.  Her dancing from the ankles up actually looked really pretty and fluid motions with her arms and body shaping.  But I did not see one heel lead the whole time, and don’t blame the fog machine!
Kristie & Maksim: RUMBA score 21
For all the students who think the teachers are perfect, we are not!  Yes, we mess up and fall on our butts.  But it’s the quick thinking and reaction to pick up and carry on with the routine that makes us the better dancer.  Just like last night, many would have thought a fall would result in a low score but not really.  Remember Derek and Jeanie’s fall? And Christian and Cheryl’s mishap? Kristie danced was so fluid and filled out all beats of music with using her body. Nice swivels and leg action.
Wendy & Tony: FOXTROT score 15
“A DJ Saved My Life” was the song, but there was no saving Wendy’s dance. It was way too slow for a Foxtrot, for someone of this level.  Even the more experience dancers would have a challenge keeping balance and control consistently. Not many things drive me crazy but I hate it, hate it, hate it when a lady’s left wrist pops up and has no connection in her frame. Grrrrr….it makes me want to walk on the floor on slap the wrist down.  Half way through, I wanted to fast forward so bad because I was bored to death, but I had to sit there and watch it for all of you so that I could give a true report.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Thank you America for putting that poor girl out of her misery!  Wendy Williams has left the dance floor.  But once again, are we really that surprised? Now since the obvious weak links are gone, the real battle for the mirror ball begins.
Next week the show will be doing something that they have never done before…Classical Week.  Not quit sure, but guessing that all dances will be more interptation or theatrical to whatever song they are given.  We will just have to wait and see.