Ok peeps, it’s round 2 of DWTS.  Some improved, some stayed the same and some were…eh.  So let’s start with the men of the night.
Sugar Ray & Anna: JIVE score17
Rematch?  Yay, the Jive is more his style.  Much improvement from last week, but was very flat footed.  He needs to use his ankles the way he would while jumping rope, keeping his heels up and off the floor.  Anna should of used that to help inter-relate movement he is familiar with instead of the solo jabs and hooks in the middle of the routine. Overall, great entertainment.
Chris & Cheryl: QUICKSTEP score 23
WOW!  Good back locks and foot work resulting from strong ankles, but use them to help finish pointing your feet on kicks.  Very light on his feet.  It must have been all that “yelling” she did.  Sometimes us teachers need to put fear in the students and even yell at them a little bit.  But I don’t think my little 4’11 1/2 can scare anyone (or can it?).  He was my “Best of the Night”.
Mike & Lacey: JIVE score 17
Ha Hah! I knew it.  Really good job on his triple step action and swiveling his supportive foot during his toe swivels! Even his flicks and kicks had great retracting action. (Spoiler Alert: Mike’s were even better than Ralph’s!) Noticed that the triple steps were replaced with marching/mark timing towards the end of the routine.  Lacey should of pushed Mike to continue with the faster foot work because he has the ability to do so. Really happy with this routine.  Go Mike, most improved!
Romeo & Chelsie:QUICKSTEP score 23
Close…your…mouth!  He looked like a fish dancing with his open mouth.  So annoying.  Besides that, good job with the dancing.  Just watch the shoulders and be sure to close the feet completely.  I don’t agree about Len’s “best dance of the night”.  Unless you think fish are sexy, I wouldn’t haven’t gone that far.
Ralph & Karina: JIVE score 21
It’s always so much pressure starting off strong.  You will always question yourself, “will you be a one hit wonder OR can you deliver week to week?”  Ralph did well but his flicks and retracting actions need major help.  This was his only weak spot.  Sorry to say this but both Mike and Chris were better in this area.  Plus, this was not the first time Ralph has done the Jive.  True fans should remember that scene in Karate Kid 2 where there was a 50s’ theme party.  Remember Daniel-san “Dancing is here (heart), not here (head).
Hines & Kym: QUICKSTEP score 23
Loved his smooth touches of attitude that added to the character for this dance.  Loved his back rondés and his velvet jacket. Very Cool!  Kym needs to coach a little more on transitions from fallaway to closed dance position and using the muscles from under the arms vs. the top muscles to establish a better topline.  Other than that, great job from the football star.
Now the ladies…
Kendra & Louis: QUICKSTEP score 19
First off, she can never look like a boy! And she looked glamourous.  Frame was stiff, but with time will develop flexibility when needed.  One of my favorite coaches always said your frame should be like a paper clip, hold it’s shape and be flexible when called for.  She also needs to keep her left side lifted and not break during rotating actions.
Chelsea & Mark: JIVE score 18
Wait, ummm, I thought the freestyle was at the end of the season?  Booooo for Mark (again) with poor choice for not showing the true talent of this girl.  I agree with Carrie Ann, loved the routine but it was NOT a Jive.  Good for you Len for the score of 5 to teach him a lesson.  And Mark, oh please, stop trying to drop all the names of patterns that you only danced for maybe a total of 8 counts!  You are not fooling this dancer!!!
Petra & Dmitry: JIVE score 18
Very stiff at first but after her side-by-side work, started to loosen up.  Not bad all in all, even a little sassiness during her performance.  Her arms were a bit wild.  Not much to say about this girl.
Kristie & Maksim: QUICKSTEP score 20
Who doesn’t want to lose 5 pounds a week?  She will hit her 40 lbs. mark in no time!  Did you noticed all the stars huffing and puffing after they danced? Of course I feel for her, as she asked Maksim, “Do really skinny girls, you’re skinny partners; has it been hard for them too?”  His answer (and mine) “of course!” Being thrown into a group where you are alot curvier than the others, automaticly sets self doubt about your ability or lack of.  But I’m proud that she is finally trying to find her comfort zone and be happy, regardless of what the scale reads.  Back to her dancing: during her chasse, she needed to bring her feet together and have more bounce action from her supporting foot. And I’m the first to whip around my hair but I found it getting caught in her face or lip gloss which can distract you in the middle of a Promenade Run or even blur your vision.  Great job Kirstie.  Way to represent girls with curves!
Wendy & Tony: QUICKSTEP score 17
Ok Ok, I have to admit.  She was better this week!  But deep inside, I was hoping so badly for another “Freakin’ Hot Mess”!  That’s where I get my best matieral people!  Her foot placement was clean most of the time and you have to give it up to Tony.  What a great teacher to show her off in the best way possible.  Yes, the steps were simple, but like I always tell my students for any events or performances, “I can care less if you do a box step for a minute and half straight.  As long as you do it well, I will be proud.”  You can tell when she was starting to get winded and tired.  But I still think she will be going home and not Mike.
Now what happens?  That is all on you America.  You have to vote each and every week to keep your favorites in.  Don’t start crying after the Result Show, if you didn’t take the 30 seconds to vote.  Come on, in the time it took to read this blog, you could of used all your alloted votes online.  See you in 24 hours with my thoughts about the results.